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August 2, 2010

We seem to have quite a few outstanding invitations. If you’ve asked to join recently please check your spam folder to see if the invitation has ended up in there. I re-sent a load on the 28th so that would be the date to check.

Could everyone please check their link on the sidebar and make sure it still goes to your current blog, that your name is how you want it listed etc etc. Any changes please drop me a line at sewretro at hotmail dot com. By the look of it anyone who doesn’t have a blog has a link that comes back to Sew Retro so if that’s what is happening to your name and you do have a blog now please let me know what to change it to. When you email *please* let me know what you’re listed as on the sidebar if you go by an alias, I’ve spent hours in the past trying to figure out who people are when they’ve signed their emails with their real names but aren’t listed on the site under that name!

Also, we’re going to start working on labelling the posts soon so if you’ve not gone back and labelled your posts could you please try and find the time to do so so the job isn’t such a huge one for us!


Thanks for all the requests to join and all the wonderful posts that just keep on coming! It’s so great to see what everyone is coming up with and to read the encouragement in the comments.

Happy sewing!


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