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Hello I’m new here

August 26, 2010

Hi my name is Dawn. I am from the Portland OR area and like everyone else here love to reproduce vintage inspired clothing.

I am what you call a pattern hoarder! I spend way to much time on Ebay looking for that perfect vintage pattern and usually end up spending more than I would like on it. My future mother in law is always great about finding me some at local Estate/Garage Sales.

I get a lot of requests to recreate vintage dresses. My lastest was Marilyn Monroe from the movie Niagara. Here is a side by side comparison. I find that I have been making more and more of my own patterns because of these requests. It is challenging and fun. I love every minute of it. Having that huge picture of Marilyn helped.

Here is link to my own blog. Where if I have time I will show step by step how I created a garment. Give advice, laugh at my failures of sewing or just show off what I have created.
I am very happy to be part of Sew Retro!

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