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1941 Baby Dress and a new blouse problem

August 16, 2010
Thanks to Vintage at Goodwood I finally had a reason to put the baby in my pride and joy, Simplicity 1941, seen here with a cardigan I knitted from a 1950’s pattern. So I actually now have a photo of the thing being worn. And it now has stains on.

At Vintage at Goodwood I fell in love, with this pattern. But how (can) I scale it down? It was only £2 I couldn’t resist. Look at the excellent way that you can make a sheer blouse to wear over the other, making it a great day-to-night possibility. Sigh.

  1. Love the pattern! I'd be really interested in some advice on scaling down patterns too. I have a box full of lovely dress patterns from the 60's that I inherited, but they are all at least 4 sized too big for me! I've been racking my brain for the last few days trying to figure out pattern grading. I was trying the cut and spread method mentioned here in Threads but it's just not adding up for me (literally). Anyone have some good advice for us?

  2. I absolutely ADORE the baby dress–so precious! I'd love to make something like that for my daughter. Kids don't dress up like they used to!

  3. hello… have you ladies heard of a book called fitting finesse? I am sure you can find it on amazon. It explains a point and swivel method to resize patterns to your personal measurements. It is sorta like how today's patterns have several sizes in one pack and you can see how the curve out a little to increase the size. I tried it with one of my dresses and it came out o.k. (but I liked the method so much that I purchased the book for myself. It takes a little practice but well worth it! I hope that might help a little =o/

    beautiful dress by the way!

  4. how far down does it need to go – if you can contact me with a method of emailing you I can send you the details as I know how to do them – based on instructions I have in a book from teh 1960's – maybe I should try it out and do a tutorial, though fitting has never been my strong point.

    How far does it need to go.

    Angelic.cow at gmail dot com

  5. Gorgeous pattern! I was at VAG on Saturday, but didn't see any 50s/60s patterns. This was a bargain. What bust measurement are you? If it only needs to be scaled down a little, it shouldn't be too much trouble. If you let me know, I can suggest how you would go about it. I would advise you to make a toile/ muslin first, which you can then fit to your exact shape. Could you post a photo of the back of the pattern envelope, so I can see the pattern shapes?

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