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Vintage Pooch

July 11, 2010
The pattern:

The coat:

It’s winter in Melbourne and Mai li, my 13-year old dog has arthritis.  I decided to make her a wool coat from this amazing vintage pooch pattern I bought last year. It has a black wool lining, pearlescent press stud closings and black braided trim.  Very silly and cute! More photos on my blog here.

  1. Yes I agree with Lisette it is brilliant to see those great old patterns being used today… your gear is really interesting…!x

  2. I love that it is functional, and not just a silly outfit. A lot of the clothes for dogs are unnecessary and ill fitting on the dog. Sorry for my little mini rant. I really really hate clothes on dogs that don't need it. Its a dog, not a teeny human. A dog don't care about clothes.

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