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Second outfit post!

July 1, 2010

     As I mention before, my baby sissy graduated the 8th grade this June. And I was there wearing my new daisy dress!

That’s my little sister. She got her dress at Papaya and I sewed the silver straps on so she wouldn’t get dress coded lol! (Oh middle school… how I don’t miss you!) She’s actually taller than me, but I was wearing heels… and standing up hill haha!

Dress- Britex Fabrics made by me

This isn’t the greatest picture, but you get to see the silhouette better. In case you forgot that’s the pattern I used. Retro Butterick 5032. I talk more about it here.

     This doesn’t relate to this outfit, but I wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful, encouraging, sweet comments that were left on my first Sew Retro post and on my blog. It means the world to me to feel connected to other talented seamstresses! Thank you again!!!


  1. The fabric is sooo good! Now that I almost understand patterns, I better appreciate that finding good fabric is 1/2 the battle. :>)

  2. What a charming dress! Would you mind if we posted your lovely flowered dress on Britex Fabric's blog?

  3. Thank you everyone for your lovely comment. And Britex fabric, feel free you use it on your site just link back to me please!

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