one day skirt

July 5, 2010

This was the easiest skirt to put together. Vogue 6702.

The description reads,”skirt has seamed front with two box pleats for greater back fullness.” That pretty much says it all. There is no date printed anywhere on the pattern or the instructions, but I’m guessing later 1940’s.

This is actually the mock-up I made before I cut into the beautiful brown, windowpane check, wool that I plan on using for the final version. I made no changes to the pattern at all, my only regret is that my legs aren’t willowy as the model on the pattern envelope illustration. If you come across this pattern snap it up. It goes together quickly and is easy to wear. I can’t wait to sew it up with nice fabric!

If you’d like to read a bit more about this skirt please drop my my blog. Thanks!
  1. What do you mean your legs aren't as willowy as the model's? One, we don't see the model's upper calves or thighs so who's to say she IS willowy. And second, what we see of her legs look just like yours. So stop disparaging yourself, the skirt looks great AND looks great on you. Good job and Killer shoes!

  2. Maybe I should rephrase the willowy legs to my only regret is that I'm 5'2" (and a 1/2!). And thanks for noticing the shoes Isaspacey! That pair is one of my favorites!

    Aimee, thanks for the compliment and thanks for peaking at me blog!

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