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July 29, 2010
Hey everybody! So just as I’ve noticed when most of you have joined, I have decided to join into Sew Retro after being a stalker on this blog for a few months now.   I’ve just started sewing this past january and have just recently started takling sewing patterns!! So as an intro, I wanted to show you the first dress I made which is a 1960s reprint from Simplicity.
Now you’ll see that I’ve decided to do view one, but I opted to take off the sleeves.  At the time I made the dress, about 3 weeks ago now, it had been between 30C and 39C steaming hot for the past other 3 weeks.  So I wanted something light.  I used a printed linen which I really like (except for the fact that it has to be ironed everytime I want to wear it!!)  I also used interfacing for the first time which gave great results!! Anyhow, here are a few pictures of the dress!
You can get a bit more info on it on my blog.  Also, please excuse me if I sometimes use weird english expressions….I am originally a francophone!
  1. I love the dress! Wonder if you might consider hemming it a little higher? I reckon it would look a tad more funky if it was just on the knee?

  2. Hi Jane, that is actually not a bad idea! I am working on another dress right now, and I am finding it is falling too low below the knee (sad thing about being short…adjustements need to be made!)

  3. Cute dress.

    Simplicity is reissuing their 60s patterns? I didnt know that.

    Are people finding problems getting 60s patterns?

  4. M, I'm with you on the short thing, I'm 163cms. Always having to take hems up! Something I love about dresses as opposed to separates is they do lengthen the look of the body. The length of this dress would probably work better if you wore heels. I'm generally a flat-shoe gal so knee-ish or just above gives some impression of me owning legs! I love the buttons on this too.

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