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My very first vintage design

July 8, 2010

A few weeks ago I posted here about my first foray into dress design and drafting. This was an exciting leap into the unknown but I did know that my designs would be vintage inspired; I was thinking something 40s inspired for the simplicity.

So with my tutor I came up with this vintage inspired tea dress –

And after many weeks of drafting, fitting, sewing, unpicking, more fitting, more unpicking I give you this –

What d’ya think? Has it worked? Is it rocking that 40s vibe? You’re all so knowledgeable about this stuff so I’d love some feedback – really I would. Please come on over to my blog and have your say… or comment here. Thanks!

Charlie x

  1. It is awesome! Though I'm getting more of a 50s vibe, with the full skirt, the bow, and the adorable fabric.

  2. Cute! You should get/make a crinoline to make the skirt poofy! I see a bit more of the 50's too, I think it might be fabric's pattern. I associate 40's dresses with plain, military inspired fabrics, but maybe thats just me. Keep up the designing!

  3. Cute! This is totally rocking a 40s vibe, since the skirt isn't truly full like typical 50's. Most of those skirts were gathered because by then they could use more fabric without guilt.

  4. Thanks for all your lovely comments and feedback. Yes I suppose there's a little more fabric in the skirt than would have been allowed – so maybe late 40s!! Thanks once again…

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