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Hello from me and my Simplicity 4911

July 18, 2010

Hello all,
Longtime lurker, first time poster Denise here.
After reading all of your wonderful posts, I decided it was really time I got my act together, joined Sew Retro and posted a few of my own creations.
However… Simplicity 4911 has almost defeated me… I think its been almost 12 months in the making now and I’m so close to finishing, but I’ve lost all will. :0)

Come on over to my blog, CrimsonGardenia, for the continuing saga, a weird collar fix and a picture of the project so far.

And no, that isn’t the original envelope that I bought from Miss Helene’s – it was rapidly disintegrating so I photocopied it and made a new one… and drew some feet and shoes back in… I had to – they couldn’t NOT have shoes with those suits, right?


  1. Very clever that, photocopying the disintegrating envelope. I just put it all in a zip-lock bag but then I can't really see the cover illustration. I guess I know what I'll be doing today…thanks!

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