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Hello Everyone!

July 20, 2010

Hello All!

My name is Nikki. I am writing to you from sunny (most of the time) Northern California. I am lucky enough to be in the center of both San Francisco, Berkley and Sacramento. I have been toying with sewing since I was about 5, bugging my mom for scraps! However it wasn’t until about 3 years ago when I was inspired to make a Renaissance dress, undergarments and all. This was my first experience following a pattern and have been in love with sewing ever since.

My main passion is historical/ fantasy (pirates, fairies) costuming. However I have recently discovered vintage dress making! Since then, my head as well as my craft room has been full of a mess of patterns and fabric!
I currently run the blog Retro-Phile. Don’t know what a retrophile is? Well… Hop on over and check it out, as well as current projects and all things retro.

I look forward to sharing my passion with you all!
Happy Sewing!

  1. welcome! i love costuming as well (working on a ren faire outfit for my sis-in-law's bf right now) and vintage sewing kinda goes right along with that. hope you have fun here!

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