1. I am trying to get up enough nerve to try this dress…there are so many mixed reviews….I am not skilled enough to fix the problems…LOL.

  2. Traci: I'd say go for it. If I were to point out possible problems with this pattern, miscalculating the back length is probably the worst, so make sure you get that to match your actual back length. The waist is more easily adjustable because this design uses buttons, so if you get it wrong, you have some possibility of adjusting it when you're sewing on the buttons. As I mention on my blog, using four sets of snaps instead of the suggested two sets of hooks and eyes to stabilize the fastening of the front bodice probably isn't the worst idea I've had. As for fabric choice, if you're using something light-weight it's a good idea to go for something without stretch. If you pick a heavier fabric you can pick something with more stretch, but because of the way dresses like this are constructed I suggest keeping stretch to a minimum. That's my opinion anyway and I've learned that the hard way 🙂

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