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And then another introduction!

July 18, 2010
Hi all! I’m Una and I’ve been following Sew Retro for about three years now and I really love all the creative, vintage loving people here. After reading such a long time about all the exciting projects I decided I wanted to be a part of this, not just following, but also sharing my projects with you all.
Here’s a little something I made two years ago. (Just found the photos.) It’s an Anne Adams R4665, bolero jacket and dress from the 50’s. It was missing some pieces, so I had to do some drafting, but finally it turned out well… fits me better than my mannequin, thought. 😉

Oh, I also have a little blog called SewingSwing where I occasionally write about my sewing projects among other stuff. It was supposed to be strictly a sewing blog when it started, but it kinda has a life of it’s own… 😉 Right now I’m doing a series of my past projects and the dress above will also be featured more deeply…

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