Vintage Sewing

1936 McCall Apron

July 23, 2010


I’m a sucker for the pink/grey/black colorway.  So when I saw this new quilt fabric in my local quilt store, I had to get it.  In rummaging through my vintage apron patterns I found this one which I felt was perfect.

Unlike a lot of other vintage aprons, this was was quite simple to put together.  It took more than it’s fair share of fabric though.  I barely had enough (1.5 yards on the main and .5 on the contrast).  The pocket was impossible.  I drafted a new one.  Looks like the lady who made this before me had the same issues.  the back piece must have been cut against the selvage (tissue paper extended beyond the cut line on the back piece) and the pocket pieces weren’t cut.

Not only is this design pretty, it’s quite functional.  It provides terrific coverage in the kitchen.  I’ve seen this pattern from time to time on vintage pattern sites.  It’s expensive but I’d say worth it.

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