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¡New Vintage Project! Butterick 4681 (1960s)

July 12, 2010

Okay after the disaster of my last project, which was a modern pattern (Vogue 2029), I am starting a new vintage pattern creation. ¡And I am excited! Here is the pattern and the fabric. I still need to decide what collar to buy for the collar. At first, I was going to make it out of the same fabric as the rest of the dress, but I am now deciding between white, green, or yellow. ¡Help me decide! The neck ribbon will be determined by that choice. I will, as usual, keep a diary of each day’s work on the project. The days will be not be consecutive as I cannot sew every day, but will be numbered as such. ¡Please follow my progress at my blog!

  1. Cute. My thought is a green like the green dress on the pattern. I know it's not already in the fabric but it looks good and will work with the lemon fabric. White wouldn't stand out enough and a yellow might take the outfit to "too much" yellow.

  2. I agree with Isaspacey and would suggest green. Yellow or white wouldn't really stand out but there is just enough green in the fabric (which is very cute btw) to make a good contrast.

  3. Gertie of Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing used this fabric for a 1950s dress earlier this year, if you want a picture of how it looks made up.

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