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Vintage Shirt in Pink Camo with Tulle Accents, Simplicity 9554 (1970)

June 12, 2010

Yay!! I finished another vintage project. Here is the pattern and the fabric.

Though this was a very easy pattern, and I like the final product, I did not enjoy making it. The instructions were not entirely clear, and the front neckline gaped very unattractively in the front. I darted it at the corners and placed the buttons over the top of the dart. And while the pattern cover showed two nice buttons to be placed at each corner, in reality, the space looks too cramped for that many unless they were too small to be interesting. So I settled for the two large ones.

This is my first project with a serger which I used for the side seams and learned my first serger lesson. A serger sews to the left of where one places the cutting edge so it took away from the main garment rather than from the seam allowance due to my not understanding this. I will need to sit and stare at the serger to figure out how not have this happen again. I know I explained that poorly, and perhaps am even confused myself since I placed the serger scissors on the actual seam line, and I now see that is wrong. I needed to place the left needle at that line. Sigh.

Here is the final product:

Note the button detail with the tulle trim:

And me in it!

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