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June 13, 2010

Google has failed me once again, so I thought I’d ask you lovely peeps advice on machine feet.
I have an old Brother VX710, which i’m guessing is from the 70s, also I have an out of action early 60s singer. Annnyway my question was regarding overlock feet and buttonhole ones, the modern type. Would they work on my old machines? I can find them for sale but no answer on if they would work on my machine or not.
I do have a lovely old 60s buttonhole attachment, absolue brute of a thing, but sadly it has the crappiest instructions ever, despite being pretty much unused and still boxed, I cannot work it for the life of me or find any info on it, it’s made by a brand called Alfa. My Brother machine has straight and zig-zag(useless at button holing, well I can’t seem to figure it out and once again crappy manual instructions, is it just me or do most vintage sewing related items come with bad instructions?)

Peace and love
Amy x

Edit: As requested pic of the machine I have(not my machine, but it’s the same)

  1. There's no reason modern feet wouldn't work on your Brother as long as you get the right shank type. Very probably your machine takes low shank feet.

  2. That Jones machine looks like a low shank machine to me. Most Jones machines of that era and earlier are low shank. So you should be able to buy a low shank button hole attachment for it quite cheaply. The good thing about Jones machines is that most generic feet fit them.

    I have a 60 year old Jones machine myself and I swear by them. They just never wear out.

  3. Take the feet that your machine comes with to a good store, and see if the way the foot attaches looks the same, then you know it will attach the same. It is probably low shank. Buy a cheap one as a test, some generic feet are only ten dollars a piece, like one for a rolled hem. Amazon has a fair selection of feets, you could look at the pictures.

  4. thank you for the link, ordered an overlock foot from them. It says it works with zig-zag and it looks right, so fingers crossed!
    cheers for all the advice guys.

  5. If it's low shank then almost any low shank foot should work on it.

    If the buttonholer is like the old Singer one, I just did a post on using one last week on my blog:

    I've also done posts on other vintage attachments as well. Back in my first post on feet I put a link to a site that shows the different shanks on sewing machines.

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