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June 22, 2010

does anyone have one of these:

it’s a baby lock pro line BL4-738NS
i got it this weekend and can NOT find the stupid manual anywhere! not online, not in the hoarder house. this sucks. i need to know if i’m threading it right, which i don’t think i am….
copies or scans or anything else like that is fine, i need it and will pay if anyone knows of one for sale too!


  1. i've looked all over the website but i haven't even found THIS machine! grrrrr… so frustrating! ill keep snooping around though! thanks!

    1. Hello I have a vintage babylock pro model BL4-838D which looks exactly like yours. I bought it used and it came with the Babylock Proline manual and instructional video. Iโ€™ve been looking for feet and have seen this manual online in several places like eBay, Quality sewing etc. try widening your search criteria because you canโ€™t be without a manual. Good luck!

  2. I have almost the manual you need. My Baby Lock received a death sentence the last time I took it to the repair shop. I let him keep the machine for parts, but I still have a manual in pristine condition. The Model Number is BL4-838D. The picture looks the same. I'm not sure how much the innards have changed. You're welcome to it if you'd like it.

  3. that would be AMAZING! im cleaning the home of a hoarder, and i know the manual must be in there somewhere, but it is going to take a loooooooong time to figure out where!

  4. when i was confused with re-stringing my machine- i took it in to teh shop- soetimes the men in tehre are nice nad the'yve threaded my machine for free twice! i love mayhalls sewing shop! ๐Ÿ™‚

    perhaps your local sewing shop is nice too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. There are two excellent books, which I have and have taught me so much about my overlocker, try to get them if you can, 'sewing with sergers', and 'more sewing with sergers'.
    The American name for an overlocker is a serger. try to rethread by cutting the threads near the spool, and tying new thread on using a reef knot. then loosen the tension wheels as far as you can, lift the presser foot and gently pull the tail until it all works through.
    You may need to rethread just the needles, but that system usually works.
    Don't forget to retighten the wheels!
    Those books are brilliant though!

  6. I know that you cannot send your machine here to Tennessee, but Jenice Hadnagy is a good, certified service technician and she could probably offer you some advice by looking at the photo. Her e-mail and phone number are below.

    What I do see is that the left needle thread (the red one)appears to be crossing behind and under the right needle thread (the white thread) and they both are running through the same thread guide. However, you do not have the telescoping guide (long bar on top) pulled all the way up as it should be. Pull that up first and see where the threads actually lie, then flip down the hinged "door" (blue square with "baby lock Pro Line" on it) and see if there is a diagram. There usually is. I am not familiar with the lever to the left of the tension disks.

    > Jenice Hadnagy 615-481-1256

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