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heads up, texas!

June 7, 2010

hey texans,
i hope this is ok to post….
im currently helping to clean out the house of some passed family friends (who were pretty hard core hoarders) and have uncovered 40+ large storage boxed of fabric! most of it seems to be from the 70’s-present. they are all looking for new homes, so if youre interested, send me an email at crissy_baker (at) yahoo (dot) com!
there are also tons and *tons* of sewing books, notions, threads, ribbons, rotary cutters and boards, ribbons, bias tapes, buttons, patterns and pretty much anything you could imagine. they are all vintage and pretty! we plan on selling them fairly cheap due to quantity (like i said, hoarders) so drop me a line! shipping wont be an issue but i will give first pick to anyone who comes to pick things up in person!


  1. Did you run across a book called Dress Design: Draping and Flat Pattern Making by Hillhous and Mansfield? I am looking for a copy.

  2. yes just email me what youre looking for and ill ship it out as long as the shipping is taken care of!

  3. Hello Crissy! I'm looking for two books:
    "Patternmaking Made Easy" (the 2nd Edition) by Connie Amaden-Crawford
    "Fit for Real People: Sew Great Clothes Using ANY Pattern" by Pati Palmer and Marta Alto

    They're both in Amazon but adding the shipping to Spain they are quite pricey. If you have any of them, let me know.

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