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Has anyone else heard of this?

June 22, 2010

Or is anyone else a member? It’s callled My Sewing Circle. Anyone who is familiar with Ravelry (the online knitting community) will be familiar with how MSC is set up.

It’s pretty much a place to share and show off what you’ve made and what you want to make – there is a place for all of your fabric stash (and, hopefully soon, pattern stash too) and it is designed to show off your projects.

It’s early days yet for it, but I find in Ravelry somewhere I can ask questions of people or look at what others have made out of a pattern or yarn – both of which are incredibly helpful for someone who is unsure of themselves or indecisive about what to make. It’s also a great place to try to persuade or dissuade others from the things that you have tried.

I’m thinking of starting a Sew Retro group for anyone who wants to join up and join in. If it’s still too unfinished for you, come back in a few months and I’m sure it will be better.

Just a thought for any of you lovers of social media! Now off to flood them with all my vintage pattern images..

  1. It seems neat. I just signed up too, but I have a horrible track record with these kinds of sites. I sign up and am obsessive for a little while and then taper off.

    We'll see, though!


  2. How interesting! I've been missing something like this. I was waiting for someone to start a Ravelry for seamstresses!

  3. Oh no – I already spend way too much time looking at everyone else's creations rather than sewing my own, this is dangerous! but, thanks for sharing, I have (foolishly) signed up, and joined the Sew Retro group. I'm with Tilia, I was hoping someone would start a sewing version of Ravelry!

  4. I'm pretty sure every sewer who knows of Ravelry wished for this, as Ravelry is so totally awesome. I know I did. Now, I'm just waiting for that "pattern stash" feature to emerge…

  5. I'm the same as Garnet… am obsessive to start with on a site and then real life gets in the way and I never return. Hopefully, I can stay enthused in amongst everything else. Monique xx

  6. Ravelry is awesome, and I used it all the time when I was a knitter. Am glad to see they have something set up for sewing too.

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