A darling little newspaper pattern

June 15, 2010

My pen pal, Amanda from Adelaide, has sent me a bunch of her vintage patterns to try out before she gives them a go (she’s getting married, and is way too busy to try them at the moment) and here’s one that’s a little bit curly but I think I got it right after a few goes:

The pattern is numbered 8168, and came in a envelope labeled (as you can see above) with the town’s two local papers. Now I’m not from Adelaide, but I think the Advertiser is still the main paper, but I don’t think the Chronicle is around anymore. I’ve never really heard of newspapers doing a ‘Pattern Service’ before, but how wonderful that they did! I really liked the shape of the bodice in this pattern, so took it slow and steady for my first attempt, following the instructions down to a T:

I used fabric from my stash, hence the purple band for the waist, as the stripey stuff was only just enough for the bodice and the skirt. But, I can’t really see the drawing above in this real life garment? The shoulders are way too thick, and there are sleeves (those kinda forties sleeves) so maybe I didn’t fold them under enough to get that scoopy shoulder/arm line? I outlined this dress in more details over at my Crafty Adventures blog.

Nevertheless, it’s still cute and kinda more 80s vintage looking that maybe 1960s as the pattern describes perhaps?

Here’s my next attempt:

It’s shorter and resized to fit me! (More details on my blog about my resizing) And how crazy is the fabric! As always, dear Sew Retro friends, I’ve used all stash fabrics, but they’re all from thriftiness shopping as I only buy second hand fabrics. Even the side zippers are op shopped!

Thanks for such great posts too guys, I’ve been reading a lot instead of making as we’re relocating interstate, so sadly I’ll be packing up my sewing room soon! Yay for sewing and love your vintage styles!


  1. I grew up in Adelaide, and while the Advertiser is still in press (although now as a tabloid), I've never even heard of the Chronicle! But that dress predates me, and thus the 1970s, so that doesn't help much. I can ask my grandmother, if you like. 🙂

    ~Sarah B

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