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June 2, 2010

Hello there gals, I am very pleased to join this blogging community. I am just creating my own blog at It is very much in its infancy and basic theme template, but I will be working on it over the coming weeks. I have an established etsy store selling vintage patterns and some of my creations.

Here is my latest creation from a vintage pattern. I made it to match my computer bags!
The vintage pattern is Butterick 4266 as shown. Here are pictures of the finished creation.

  1. Here is the deal why I am not in the dress 🙂 I am newly divorced. I started making this dress prior to the divorce. One of my gifts to myself during my divorce was to… ummm… become more bountiful in the upper regions, so, it is tight across the bust. I can wear it if I wear a minimizer, but I didn't pay for the girls to be minimizing them, so….

  2. I have many more vintage projects in the works though that will fit ideally. If I get to keep the dress, I will squeeze it.

    Oh, and I also didn't get into it since it is presently for sale, and I like to keep the sale goods very pristine.

  3. The square armhole is a lot of fun. I have a polka dot obsession so a lot more of the cute buttons will be forthcoming.

    The mannequin is Dianna. She has multiple 'dos. At my blog, I just finished a non-vintage top that Dianna is showing off in a dark 'do.

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