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May 17, 2010
I finished about 10 minutes before it was time to get ready for my senior banquet, but it was done!
Pattern: Simplicity 7355, 1967
Fabric: Satin Charmeuse (100% Acetate) from Joanns ($2.99/yd)
-Despite my making a mock-up of the neck hole, it was barely big enough for my head to squeeze through.
-Despite being a petite size (5’3″ and under, baby), the dress’s pre-hem length was about my mid-calf. What?!
-The armhole facing was from the flamingo dress pattern and worked like a charm.
-I need a new iron. Not only does mine leak, but got a dent in the plate which my dad sanded but it is still catching.
What I Learned:
Acetate is the worst fiber ever! If there is the tiniest drop of water the dye runs immediately and makes a big water stain. Of course, my iron leaked all over the first version of the dress.
-Shiny fabrics are the worst ever! Every pin and needle leaves a mark so pinning is a nightmare and you can forget about messing up and ripping out.
-French seams on the outside of a garment look awesome. Unfortunately they pucker when done on a curve.
-Never ever let someone hem something at midnight when they are dead tired. The sides are all wonky.
-Bias-roll collars are fantastic.
-Shiny fabrics will make you the center of any photo taken with a flash.
What I Accessorized: Onyx and pearl earrings (TJ Maxx, $15), vintage black satin gloves (birthday gift), vintage black beaded purse (birthday gift), Tahari’s Si Senor black sequin high heels (TJ Maxx, $36)
Bisoux bisoux,

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