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The Atonement Dress

May 25, 2010

I just wrote about this on my blog, but thought that the Sew Retro readers might be interested in this too.

Jacqueline Durran’s design

I’m sure everyone who has seen the movie Atonement has already oohed and ahhed about Cecilia Tallis’ (Keira Knightly) green silk dress, designed by Jacqueline Durran. Well, I just saw the film for the first time.

However, over a year ago, I was reading through the archives of The Costumer’s Guide (a fabulous site on film costuming) and read about the dress. The page on the dress includes detailed closeups of the dress after it was placed on display and anything else you might want to know about the choice of that particular shade of green to any details on Cee’s other costumes is there or a link is provided to other sources. One of those links was to a great post on the creation and maintenance of the many dresses used in the film at Sunday Couture. It detailed how delicate the original dresses were because of their laser cut detail work.

The dress is fabulous and there have been many copies sold and some patterns made resembling it, the closest would be Vogue 7365, still being sold today. Eva Dress and the Vintage Pattern Lending Library also offer one with a similar feel but not as drop-dead sexy or exposed; Eva Dress 5941 or Z5941.

A New York Post interview about the dress.

Images: The Costumer’s Guide, Vogue Patterns, Eva Dress

  1. I got this dress made for my wedding! Have lots of pics if anyone wants to see ..e mail me!!

    flapping lady at googlemail dot com

    no spaces!!

    1. I would love to see pics of this dress recreated. I’m looking to find the pattern so I can make one for myself. Please share 🙂

  2. Gemma,
    Yes, yes, yes! Expect an email from me! I'll put together a post about the real versus the cinematic, ok? From what I can see in your profile pic, it looks fantastic on you!

  3. yes, this dress was really awesome! do you check out the vintage pattern lending library? I think it's vpll.org they have some extraoridanary vintage patterns there!

  4. That dress does look quite good for a wedding really, that is very suprising. I think it is a very bold choice of clothing. I actually think it looks better as the wedding dress than it does on Knightly.

  5. would love some advice on where to go or look to get a dress made or purchase? Your wedding day must of been perfect in your dream dress !

  6. Hello!I’m very interested in the pattern too.. Can You please kindly e-mail me few photos,please?..Thank You!

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