plumeria sundress

May 24, 2010

i was pretty stoked to find this fabric in the clearance aisle- $3 a yard! i have a penchant for hawaiian prints and you don’t often see a plumeria print. it’s a nice mid-weight cotton jersey. i used this pattern to make the one-shoulder dress last summer and was happy with the result so i thought i’d try one of the other versions. the pattern calls for a side zipper, but since i was using the jersey i just sewed it up both sides- it pulls on over my head easily. i also made it a little longer than the pattern shows. (check out the legs on those ladies on the envelope! those are some long-limbed women.) sewing the shoulder straps onto the plastic rings was a bit of a pain, there wasn’t much fabric to work with there. next time i’ll cut a little extra on the top of the bodice so it’s not so hard to wrap around the rings. the dress is super comfy…i think it will be a summer favorite.

  1. This is lovely! I'm a little aloha-print shy but this definitely meets the elegant and summery without being flashy test 🙂 And paired with kukui nuts! You're ready for Waikiki.

  2. I love that print!

    I have that same pattern and I've found it very hard to resize (doesn't help that my measurements are a pitiful 30-24-32), the bust part seems enormous! Maybe I'm just not gathering it enough?

  3. Really really fab! I love the back and the straps. I am pretty fabric ignorant, jersey is like tee shirt material? I made a small project with a fabric that felt like tee shirt fabric and the edges rolled and so was difficult to manage, but I love the softness and stretch…any suggestions on how to deal with the roll? Thanks!

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