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Pattern Giveaway!

May 11, 2010

OH NOES! Turns out that there are two interested parties for each pattern! But you still have a 50/50 chance of being the winner! I’ll be doing that whole names from a hat thing. Sorry for being stupid and not specifying if the comments should be here or on my personal blog. It’s totes my own fault.

Darlings, I’m so excited! I just won a lot of 16 patterns from ebay. 16!

The best thing?

They’re almost all my size!

I’m giving away three, however, that are not my size. (Well, two that are not my size. The other I’m just not very fond of.)

The three:

I haven’t checked them for completeness, but the other ones I’ve checked have all been complete (and folded the way I fold patterns, which is to say, with total disregard for their original fold lines.)

They may be shortened, because she even shortened a half-size pattern about an inch. Luckily, the tape is brittle and comes off easily leaving no damage and little marks.

Anyway, the way to win these patterns is to be the first to claim whichever you like. Which is pretty easy, right?

The patterns are:

McCall’s 3102, in size 18 1/2, 41″ bust
McCall’s 2964, in size 18 1/2, 41″ bust
McCall’s 7286, in size 18 1/2, 39″ bust

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