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McCall’s 4783

May 2, 2010

Hi all.

As I write this I’m looking out my window and it’s snowing. This may not seem strange if it’s winter where you are. It feels strange here, as it is supposed to be Spring in Colorado.

I am taking part in the Me-Made-May challenge. I’m excited on several levels. One of the things this will prompt me to do, is take photos of my completed garments.

This skirt is made from a discontinued McCall’s pattern 4783. It has a close fitting yoke, but a nice full skirt. So you get a full skirt without the bulk around the waist. The fabric used is vintage. The underling is longer than the skirt and I trimmed it with velvet ribbon. Probably not much of a summer skirt, but hey, Summer may not actually ever get here. 😉


  1. Oh, McCall's 4783! One of my tried and true skirt patterns. I've lost count of many versions of this I've made. Yours is beautiful!

  2. That turned out so cute! The stockings and the shoes just complete the look. And I LOVE just a hint of the underskirt peeking out.

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