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Help! Sixties Space Stewardess Dress for Banquet

May 13, 2010
Just some things rolling around in my head as I try and wrap this sucker up.
I need your opinions!
I really like the makeup from this photo, but not the headband. I matching headband for my dress would just be too too much I think. So, I need to come up with another plan for my hair. Maybe this Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired updo:

Here is a photo of the dress at this point. I’ve got a black vintage beaded bag, black shiny gloves, black onyx earrings and black sequin super-tall slingback stillettoes. I need your opinion:
Should I leave it plain, therefore allowing me to use it for less fancy events?
Should I stick a sequin ruffly bit of trim behind the standing up yoke seam?
Should I try and do some sequins?
I could do a bow in my hair.

If anything, I want to avoid the realm of cheesy. Any photos you can find would be marvelous.
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  1. I had a cousin who was a stewardess in the 60's…French twist( tight not sloppy) and a pillbox hat(dress fabric) and don't forget your wings!

  2. Definitely wear your hair up- then it wouldn't interfere with the neckline of your dress (which is awesome!)

  3. I would wear a low-slung, slightly to the side ponytail. Make the hair semi-curly then pull it back loosely. The "tail" would then just hang over one shoulder, no interfering with the neckline. Whatever you do, take pictures, and show us!

  4. Oh, that era was MINE…an "UP DO" was the thing to wear…tightly done if for luncheon, day time. A tad more full (VIA rat-tail comb) for evening with lots of AquaNet Hair Spray–and then Chanel #5 or Emeraude spray perfume/cologne.

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