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first time advance

May 23, 2010

i made this dress to wear to a friend’s wedding this past weekend. this is the first Advance pattern i’ve ever sewn and it went together pretty quickly. i used a cotton-linen blend that i bought (with a coupon of course) at joann. i’m still working on my tailoring skills…the bodice could fit a little better. i adjusted the bust darts, but i probably should’ve brought in the back darts as well. i also lined the bodice even though the instructions didn’t call for it because the fabric was a little on the sheer side. this is the first self-covered belt i’ve made as well. i used a vintage belt kit that i found on ebay. one thing i’m noticing about vintage patterns is that they assume that you already have certain sewing skills/vocabulary. this was very evident with the belt. i had to muster my analytical skills to make it because the instructions said something like “here’s the kit, now put it together”. it really wasn’t all that difficult in the end and now i know what i’m doing the next time i make a belt. all in all i’m happy with it…could use a fluffer, but it was too hot on saturday to wear one.

  1. Very cute..and you can add so many accessories with the black and white to change it up. I love the vintage look and would adore seeing you with a crinoline under that dress.

  2. What a lovely dress you've made! I'm working on a vintage dress for a weeding at the moment and if it comes out half as good as yours, I'll be a happy bunny ;o)

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