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A Sinister Start

May 5, 2010

Like most newbies, I’ve been stalking Sew Retro for a while before deciding to join…approximately every single day for at least six months! In that time, I’ve been totally inspired by the creations and talent showcased on this blog.

My name’s Marie, I live in the UK and I accidentally got into sewing last September. Before then, I’d never sewn a single thing in my life. So far I’ve made two dresses, some cute clutches and I’m currently sewing a pretty blouse from the 1940s.

Anyway, I thought I’d start off by showing you my second ever dress, which also happens to be my first ever time working from a vintage pattern. Sadly, I’ve not worn it in public as my boyfriend kindly commented that there’s ‘something sinister about it’ and that ‘it looks like something an evil nanny would wear’…hence the title of this blog entry. It was fun to make though either way!

Here goes…Simplicity 7672 from 1968:

On my blog you can see more pictures of my sinister dress or you can have a look at the blouse I’m making now.

Thanks for reading, I’m so happy to have finally joined you all!

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