80’s Rompers

May 11, 2010

I fell in love with this pattern a few weeks ago at one of our local thrift shops. I have so many pictures of myself as a kid wearing this style of shorts and tanks, typical 80’s kids wear. I knew that I had to make a speedsuit (romper) for Charlotte.

This interlock came from the remnant bib. I LOVE remnant bin shopping. I used bias tape for the binding and ties since I couldn’t find any fold over braid at the store and I didn’t feel like ordering any.

This interlock came from the thrift store. I’ve been really lucky at finding great fabrics at my local thrift stores. Charlotte is wearing her favorite vintage hat.


  1. Oh my gosh. I wish my mother had made me cute rompers when I was little!

    What a lucky little girl!


  2. Too funny – I was looking at the pattern thinking, "If I made this for a kid, I'd try and get her to pose like one of the kids on the pattern" Then I scroll down and, there your little one is doing a pose from the pattern. Awesome! It turned out cute!

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