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vintage kiddie’s shirt

April 10, 2010

There are so many ultra cute vintage sewing patterns for little girl’s clothing, that it almost seems mean to use one of the few specifically labelled as a boy’s shirt and make it look all girlie. But isn’t this little shirt cute in purple gingham:

I used Butterick 422 which is undated but looks to me to be either 1960s or early 70s possibly. The fit is great, although it has that ginormous collar thing happening that is common with vintage patterns. The only change I made was to sew the pocket on the bias (saved me having to match the checks you see!) and I also used plastic snaps instead of buttons down the front for quickness in dressing.

This turned out so well I think I might make a few more with some minor changes, perhaps a rounded peter pan collar and puffy sleeves. Makes a change from little dresses (as sweet as they are).


  1. So cute…I LOVE gingham!!!I need to pick some up myself. Your little girl is adorable too. I would like one of those as well!!!

  2. It's adorable!
    I would even venture to say it might be late 70's early 80's (what with the rockabilly look picking up again at that time) because of the design of the Butterick logo.

  3. Cute shirt and very cute – and happy – child! Funny how the collar looks small on the pattern envelope. Those pattern pics can be quite misleading sometimes! The result is great however and I wouldn't even have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it.

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