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Ultimate Cardigan Search!

April 29, 2010

I am so pleased to be a member of Sew Retro! I’m been reading this blog and blogs of contributors. I must say I’m blown away by the creativity! I don’t believe in idle hands, so if I’m not sewing for myself, I sew for my family, create greeting cards, design websites, knit, crochet and research my family’s genealogy (which is linked to my main blog).

I am currently on the search for a sewing pattern to make 1950’s style cardigans out of knit fabric. It could be a vintage or current pattern. I want to then be able to do some hand embroidery around the necklines. I can knit the cardigan, but that just takes too long and one of my drawbacks is the desire for instant gratification (anyone else have that problem? lol)

Thanks so much for any help!

  1. I am working on creating knit vintage patterns and knitting I will keep you informed if this really works out. I am hoping to do some custom knits from old patterns but as you know it wouldn't be instant. More like a 3 week turnaround.

    Holly Dai

  2. I have never seen a sewing pattern for a cardigan from the 1950's or earlier. Everyone used to knit as well as sew. There are plenty of kitting patterns around of course. You may have to create your own pattern. I haven't seen any modern patterns that have a retro look. I sew a lot of knits and knit. I will keep an eye out for you. with any luck someone will know of something.

  3. I have two '50s sewing patterns that may work for this. Simplicity 4759 includes a 3/4 sleeved short jacket with peaked collar. Simplicity 1988 has a fitted, collarless short-sleeved jacket. Neither pattern calls for knits, but I think they may work anyway. I'd love to know if this works out!

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