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April 7, 2010

howdy! it’s been forever since i’ve posted….mainly because i don’t do much sewing in winter. this is my first spring garment! my baby sister is expecting a baby girl in june which, of course, is a fabulous opportunity to sew cute tiny clothes. i inherited a stash of patterns and notions from the grandmother of a good friend and this comes from one of those patterns. it’s dated 1959 and has several classic girly pieces. i sewed C using a very light weight striped jersey. it’s basically a little undershirt. it’s hard to see in the pic, but i used a flowery stitch (my machine has several under-used embroidery stitches) around the arms. super easy pattern. it called for binding around the edges, but i just staystitched the jersey and left the edges raw because i like the unfinished look and because i thought binding would be too heavy on this fabric. the ties are a rayon blend tape that was part of the aforementioned inheritance. i hope i don’t turn into one of those crazy old aunts who sews things for her nieces/nephews that they hate and that their mother will force them to wear in my presence. 😉

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