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The Wildwood Flower Dress Dilemma

April 7, 2010

While I continue to wait for my pink pin dot fabric, I was thinking about this beautiful Wildwood Flower dress.

Originally, I was planning on using Sandi Henderson’s beautiful Spring Dahlia fabric from my stash:

While it’s not a faithful reproduction of the inspiration fabric, I liked the look of it a lot. Then, I found this:

An absolutely stunning piece that’s just perfect. I love it!!! However, there are a couple of problems:

1. The seller only had 1 yard + 2 fat quarters; not enough for a dress.
2. It’s vintage.

Still, how could I pass this up? It’s too gorgeous. The dilemma I have now is do I use the fabulous vintage fabric to make a skirt version of the dress or do I use the Spring Dahlia fabric to make the dress?

Also, if anyone has seen this vintage print before and knows it’s name or manufacturer, I’d love to know. If I can find more of it, that would be fantastic!

  1. why not do both! you can never have too many skirts and dresses. the vintage fabric is really beautiful. it would be so cute as a full skirt with a wispy blouse.

  2. Id pass on the first fabric for that dress and keep looking. The second is amazing, but not enough for the dress, so get it, make something else with it (vintage fabric is awesome) and look for another fabric.

  3. Sarah, that fabric is gorgeous! I agree with NewVintageLady; keep looking. Although the Spring Dahlia is lovely, it's not quite perfect for the Wildwood Flower dress. Good luck!

  4. I agree with NVL – I like the first fabric but if you really want to emulate that dress, you can find something better. I really like the second fabric but I don't think there's enough there for a skirt – hold on to it for something else!

  5. Use the wildflower fabric for the skirt and a solid neutral for the top, maybe the scraps for bias binding the neck. Just a suggestion…

  6. Kaffee Fassett has some florals that really resemble the original picture, without the sateen sheen. I'll look into my stash and see if I can find one of them. I love both prints you've posted so I am of no help.

  7. What about using a digital printing service like Spoonflower? You can scan the original print and then they can make a reproduction fabric from it. I haven't used the service yet, but it may be worth a try.

  8. The original dress fabric looks like a 1980s cotton chintz upholstery fabric.

    Your Spring Dahlia is lovely, but strikes me as better for a 50s wiggle/bombshell dress.

    Save your beautiful vintage piece for another project. The wildwood dress will look best made out of one fabric – keep looking, there is something out there!

  9. Hi Sarah,
    I think if you really love the vintage fabric dont pass it up but i would keep looking for the dress fabric though, i have seen similar prints on ebay recently. Such a beautiful dress i love walk the line!
    Ruby Slippers

  10. Sarah, I just sent you an email. I have a cotton chintz from an estate sale that just may be the right print if you're looking to duplicate the dress?

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