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June’s Pin Dot Dress: The Halfway Point

April 22, 2010

I’ve been sewing on this dress at every spare moment and I’ve finally reached the halfway point!

I can’t thank everyone enough for your incredible feedback. I love it! I’ve decided to take a personal risk and enter this dress into Pattern Review’s Vintage Pattern Contest. *eep*

Please visit my blog for more pictures and chatter about this dress. I really am falling in love with it. 🙂

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PS: Have I ever mentioned my zipper phobia? This one has a big ‘un that I need to sew in down the back. Tips and tricks for sewing an invisible zipper are welcome. Otherwise, I’ll end up bald and stressed out. Not a good look when wearing the dress, methinks.

  1. Re your zipper problem – you can get a special attachment for invisible zips from your sewing machine store. Ask someone to demonstrate it for you. It makes it easy!

  2. Oh Gaud, a ZIPPER? I always have to hand sew mine in. A bit over the top I know, but other wise its ….velcro or buttons!

  3. Using a zipper that is longer than the opening means you can extend the zipper past the top of the opening and keep the pull out of the way while you sew. You can then complete the application, slide the zipper down and trim off the top little bits of the zipper (a quick zigzag over the teeth at the very top of the neckline will keep the pull from sliding off until the neckline finish is applied).

    The coils are pretty easy for the sewing machine needle to slide between and I have never broken a needle sewing through a nylon coil (as opposed to metal teeth) zipper.

  4. i LOVE sewing invisible zips – i even prefer to them to standard zippers.

    make sure you get a proper invisible zipper foot. you can use a regular zipper foot and slide the needle over, but the invisible zipper foot makes it sooo much easier. i strongly recommend buying the foot intended for your machine and not those weird plastic ones they sell for $5 at the fabric store, but that really depends on your budget.

    this tutorial was very helpful to me:

    good luck!

  5. A good invisible foot is important!! It makes it soooo much easier!!

    A lot of instructions say to line the zipper up with the seam allowance… but I've found that just lining the cloth of the zipper up with the edge of the fabric works just as well and it's way easier. Then when you finish it off, just finish the rest of the seam with the correct allowance, sewing a little bit at an angle from the end of the zipper to reach the the seam. This might not be the pro way to do it but it looks exactly the same and it saves me a lot of headache. I actually have fun sewing invisible zippers 🙂

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