Vintage Sewing


April 26, 2010

After lurking for a little while I decided I signing up would be great motivation to use so many of those vintage patterns I have being purchase for the last two decades simply because I liked the look of the pattern illustrations.

I have been sewing since my Mum stuck me in front of a sewing machine over 25 years ago, and whilst I sew most days for other people I seldom make time to sew for myself. To combat this, and in an effort to reduce my  ridiculously large stash I have set myself a challenge to make one new garment a week for myself until I have completed my winter wardrobe. 

I have put together a couple of posts on my initial thoughts on colour, style and pattern on my site, the list is huge and will no doubt continue well passed the end of winter down here in the southern hemisphere! On my list of garments I hope to have completed fairly soon are a handful of retro and vintage inspired dresses.

I wont be posting everything form the challenge here as it does not all fit into the 20 year range, or I will be drafting the patterns myself, so please feel free to stop by my site for progress on the challenge.


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