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I continue with questions…Please, help!

April 13, 2010

I have a doubt, I´m in love with a vintage pattern model is available online.
I´m able to make the patterns of any model that I see a photo or elsewhere, the question is…
It is illegal that I to do these pattern for me without buying it?
Clearly, I´m not going to trade with it, I want to become the model for me only, but I have doubts whether this is illegal….
Thanks to all for help me.


  1. It depends on where you live, strictly speaking. In the United States, the pattern and instructions for an article of clothing can be copyrighted, but the design itself cannot. If you make your own dress from looking at the picture that is perfectly legal.

  2. There was a great post about this somewere else, we came to the same point. Your outfit will most likely never be THE SAME, so as long as you don't sell it or clame the idea, etc, as your own then it's OK.

  3. I know that in Australia, as long as you have "made up" the pattern (ie, not used a commercial pattern or traced off a commercial pattern.) It is perfectly legal to sell the item you made. This includes copying from a picture.
    If in doubt, I believe it is legal to copy dresses for you're own wear. I think the issue comes when you make a profit from someone else's idea.

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