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first spring dress!

April 9, 2010

my winter sewing hiatus has ended! i much prefer sewing skirts and dresses for warm weather. i bought both the pattern and the fabric for this dress on ebay. i love, love, love 70’s sundresses! this one is dated 1977. miraculously, the only fit adjustment i had to make on this pattern was the hem. i also lined the bodice- the pattern called for facings, but i wanted a little extra coverage in the front. also, the pattern said to use hook and eyes on the back straps, but i used buttons instead. i hate sewing hook and eyes and i think the buttons look cute. side note: i did sew a hook and eye above the zipper- i’m not that lazy. 😉 didn’t have anyone around to hook it when i took the pic though. the dress kind of flattens out my already tiny front, but i’ve never been a girl who’s worried about my lack of. this was such a cinch to sew and i’ll most likely make another one in a solid color. i think next time i’ll lower the neckline a bit, but all in all i’m happy with it. (please excuse my scabby, banged up legs…when i’m not sewing i’m rock climbing…doesn’t make for pretty legs.)

  1. So pretty! I also much prefer sewing summer dresses and skirts. I agree with Stacy, the back view is incredibly flattering. Excellent job!

  2. Not nearly enough 70's lovin' on vintage sewing sites (unless I'm looking at all the wrong ones), so this is great to see! Excellent job!

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