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First Holy Communion Dress

April 1, 2010

The Muslin!

Using the pattern from Sensibility Patterns and an Indonesian baby sling (so it counts for Warbrobe Refashion!), I crafted the practice run before cutting into the silk and embroidered organza.

The fabric before cutting (folded in half lengthwise, pattern repeats in mirror):

The fabric is roughly 70″ long by 30″ wide. I used the tails as the sleeves and the blue border for the sleeve band:

The bodice is made from the lighter brown fabric with it’s motif centered in the front. The neckline is finished with self-bias binding.

The skirt is made from the main body of the fabric with the motif running down the front:

I’m really pleased with the result, even though the sleeve bands were a bit small for her. So, her younger sister gets this one. 🙂 I added a grosgrain ribbon sash and some amazing fuschia buttons on the back.

I have to edit this and add the picture of the back. It’s just TOO cute for words. And the Bernina sews buttonholes AND buttons! I didn’t have to hand sew ONE thing. The neat thing is that the back bodice pattern is made from the edges of the print, so it adds a little back interest as well. I want you all to know that I used almost every scrap of fabric in the cukin (baby sling). This dress was a size 8. The best part? This fabric, when washed, gets SO soft. It’s AMAZING.

  1. beautiful dress! as said, quality fabric is important. colors are as amazing as the one's I saw at

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