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Dita Von Teese Dress – Pattern suggestions

April 2, 2010

Hi everyone,

I need some help!! I really love this dress worn by Dita Von Teese ( actually i love just about every dress worn by Dita, lol) and want to make one of my own of course.

Problem is im having some trouble finding a suitable pattern. The sleeves and necktie are my favourite detail and would like to try to get something as close as possible.
If anyone can think of anything (vintage or modern patterns no matter!) I would really appricate it!

xxx Ruby Slippers

  1. I don't think you should have to look for a pattern with the scarf included – rather than being part of the dress, it sort of looks like it's just a scarf made from leftover material. Even if it is part of the dress, that's how you could make it, anyway.

    Check out vintage 40s patterns on ebay and etsy.

  2. Spectacular dress! That looks really hard to make. I definitely wouldn't be game for that.

    I make my own patterns, but if I was going to use a commercial pattern, I'd probably just find a wrap dress with large sleeves, then add the scarf.

  3. Miss Ruby,
    I took this project under my wing to try to find you a similar project. I was no very successful. I found things that were similar, but not IT. If you are gifted at altering patterns, you may be able to work with what I found. Here is one, and I was thinking you might be able to make a V neck instead of the rounded neckline, bring in the shoulders when you make the V neck, attach the scarf (no pattern needed) to the back as a collar -Dita's looks attached to me, and lengthen the cuff part of the pattern, if that's possible. And do what you like with the skirt. I found this, as a pattern bodice example of the sleeves…not sure if it helps or not…
    I will continue to aid in searching!!

  4. It looks like a jersey was used, to me. I would take that into account, using a fluid knit, rather than a woven, to recreate the effect of those sleeves and skirt ruching.

  5. Well done girls!! I think I like the simplicity dress best, The scarf looks like it's been attached to me too. I'm going to wait and see what else you come up with though before making a final decision, lol.
    Thanks so much! 🙂

  6. I think this is your pattern right here – will need some modifications to get the proper gathering along the skirt sides and the sleeve caps, but the other details are there:
    McCalls 9502

    Normally I would not spend that much on a pattern and would try to find it elsewhere at a lower price, but patterns from the 1930s are rare.

  7. They don't have the same styling as Dita's dress, but there are 1940s reproduction patterns with a similar feel with the use of ruching and the need for jersey fabric. The ones I can recall are and

    I suppose you could try to frankenstein various patterns together to achieve the exact look of Dita's dress. Doing the raglan sleeves should be easy enough, because those patterns are very easy to come by, and like previous posters said, the scarf probably attaches like a collar.

  8. A key point about that dress is that it's made in a silk jersey. It's not going to look like that made in anything else. If you really want to get the design as close to the original (which is gorgeous!) as possible, I'd suggest finding elements of the dress in multiple places and putting it all together. I also think that the scarf is attached, but that would be a relatively easy alteration/addition to a pattern. Try to find pictures from different angles so you can see the back detailing! It really is lovely. I'm quite keen on those sleeves!

  9. Thanks for all your suggestions, I found a vintage advance pattern, almost identical to the one kerry suggested on the pattern wikia but none for sale. I have decided to go with the simplicity pattern and vogue 9668, i'm going to do a test run in a cheap jersey and when i'm happy with the pattern ill make it up in a silk jersey. I'd rather spend my cash on really great fabric
    Thanks again, ill keep you updated with my progress 🙂

  10. stunning dress.. I was just about to point out that it's made in silk jersey, but i read that someone already pointed that one out. Deff you need a similar fabric to get that lushious feeling/look!
    I just found this forum i'm gonna check back i cant wait to see your dress!!

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