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APRON – Little Bo Peep Lost Her Sheep

April 23, 2010
Pattern is from my stashes of past vintage finds… a Simplicity 1358 Vintage Apron pattern sized Medium.

This fabric print is one of my all-time favorite Japanese imports. I purchased it about a year ago from a sweet gal on etsy and I’ve been saving it for the perfect project. SweetPea’s teacher is currently focusing on Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales for the class curriculum so she asked if I would make her a couple of aprons to coordinate. Little Bo Peep fits in perfectly with that theme, don’t you think? The turquoise polka dot was a vintage dress or skirt of some kind that had been painstakingly dissembled for repurposing later. That never happened until I found it amidst some vintage fabric finds – probably at an Estate Sale or something. All bias is from my own vintage personal stash, too. I get so much satisfaction of not only having just what I need on hand but when it is a perfect match, too – so fun!

I also enjoyed the process of narrowly hemming the ruffle pieces (prior to gathering) with this amazing 1/4″ Narrow Rolled Hemmer Attachment. I’d not had the chance of using it yet and I was very pleased with how easy it was and how perfect the hems turned out – even for a bias curve!

Look at that! A perfectly narrow 1/4″ hem! I hemmed the ties, too, because it was so easy.

  1. Thanks everyone for your kind compliments. The teacher totally loved it today!

    No ironing at all, tiddleywink – just the initial 1/2 – 1 inch I finger pressed and stitched 5 stitches so it would then be easier to roll around in the foot and have a guide with which to start. After that I just held it like you see in the photos – no pressing at all! I love this thing! 😉

  2. I have a foot just like. Next to my overlocker it's my fav sewing tool.

    It's just great for fine, light wieght fabric, slippery fabric and to get a fast finish before to workout just what leagth you want the hem on your new dress to be.

    Love the mix of colours and fabric, it works well.

  3. Nice! I like the fabric too.

    The narrow hemmer is a fabulous foot. When I started my tutorials on using vintage attachments on my blog, it was the first one I did. It's useful and timesaving.

  4. Hi, Susan – I looked at your tutorials and you did very nice work. Having a stockpile of vintage Singer Narrow Hemmers (occupational hazard of a Singer Attachment business, I suppose! haha!) I was intrigued by this 1/4inch foot – I think it's even easier than the 1/8 inch.

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