1. Oh, the number of times that's happened to me… (although usually not "vintage" per se!). The first time was actually a shock to buy something, then wear it directly!

  2. Hola!
    Me encanta tu blog! I was in dilemma, to ask or not to ask?..Well..Let me explain the: I also live in BCN, my sister has studied fashion design but she lives in Athens. Although she never tought me anything I have some talent for sewing. I just want to make a 50s dress by myself. It's one of my 5 dreams n life. I looked everywhere in internet for free patterns; in English, Spanish, Greek, nothing! Wouldn't be great if someone would just share it (I mean if you don't plan to sell them later)?I know patterns in indutry are expensive, but what about the old ones?
    Then..how about sharing if you'd share a pattern? could you maybe scan it? would you??
    Thank you in advance
    Un saludo,
    Tine de barcelona

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