$25V and Nancy’s introduction.

April 30, 2010

Hello hello. My name is Nancy and I’m very pleased that I am able to add my post to the series of introduction posts that have been going on this week. You’ll have to excuse me as my blog has been going through some major updating. I’ve recently dusted off an old blog and started a new project on it. I’m calling my project that $25 Vintage Wardrobe Challenge or $25V for short.

Here’s the premise. My Beau and I were sitting at the dinner table discussing my recently doubled stash of vintage dress patterns and my love of all things vintage. I was boring him with talking about fabrics, patterns, and zippers when this question was posed. Is it possible to have a completely vintage wardrobe? And what’s more is it possible to do it an affordable cost? An intriguing question I thought.

Back in the day my Mother and Grandmother made all of their clothing. And I mean all of it. Fabric was inexpensive and store bought clothing was well out of their price range. My mother grew up in the country with four younger brothers and sisters. My grandmother clothed every single one of them in handmade clothing until they were old enough to sew their own clothing. This seems crazy now when a yard of cotton sometimes exceeds $10.00. Making your own clothing has become more a labor of love and a hobby. It really isn’t cost efficient with places like Target, Charlotte Russe, and Kohls around.

So it was with this thought that my Beau issued the challenge. My task? To make a vintage inspired wardrobe. This means tops, bottoms, slips, camis, suits and most especially vintage dresses. There are very few rules, but they are strict.

Rule 1: The total cost of the garment must not exceed $25.00 US Dollars.

Rule 2: All dresses must be made from vintage patterns or vintage inspired patterns.

So that’s what’s been going on over at my blog. Things are just now getting started so I hope some of you with more established blogs will forgive me as I get my bearings. I’ll definitely be posting more about my pattern collecting, vintage colors and fabrics, and other goodies here as things move along.   

  1. This is *completely* doable. If you are in a bunch for fabric, try a thrift store suit, take it apart and you can have enough fabric for your own suit!

    Good luck!

  2. That's a great tip. I've ripped apart more thrift store prom dresses, bedsheets, women's coats, and sun dresses for costumes than I should really admit to. I like to say I'm frugal, not cheap.

  3. Ooh, what a neat project! A great way to get patterns cheap is to buy a lot on eBay — there will be winners and losers in the mix, but that's how I've built up my stash for very little money!

  4. Awesome! It will make you feel all virtous and old fashioned – Thats what i have found, and you start to see opportunities to reuse everything!

  5. What an AWESOME idea!

    Joann Fabrics has great sales from time to time ($1.99 patterns anyone?) but the best part are the special sales when even the clearance fabric is 50% off. And those special 50% off coupons? GREAT. I made my most recent vintage inspired dress for ~$25 including pantyhose and shoes.

  6. When I go to antique shops and vintage clothing stores, I always look for vintage patterns. For some reason, they tend to be in boxes on the floor and half-hidden. At Christmas, I discovered just such a box in a shop that had them priced at 25 cents each, because their regular customers weren't interested in them!

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