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1930’s Lounging

April 23, 2010

I just completed a lounging outfit from the 1930’s:

One can never have enough lounging, right?

I made this up in a really nice navy blue stretch satin that was a dream to work with.  The bow ties are in a cerise satin.

Overall, the unprinted pattern was pretty easy to sew.  It called for a placket on the side but since the material is stretchy and is quite low in the back, I found that I could just slip it on.  YAY!  The slowest part was probably the blind hemming around the neckline and shoulders but even that went quickly once I stopped dragging my feet and actually started doing it 🙂

Here I am lounging in my hotel room on a recent work trip:

The outfit is super comfortable.  The ties are removable so I can play with the color and the waist is tied with an obi style belt with a removable tie.

I love the back of the top:

And how wide the legs are:

I just love the color combo…plus it fits in with my spring/summer wardrobe planning:

Here’s another view of the outfit:

Now I just need to make a bed jacket and some matching slippers.  I’m also thinking it would be fun to use this pattern to make a nautical inspired outfit from the 1930’s.  It’s a great basic pattern and I didn’t have to make any changes to it, so I definitely plan on using it again! 

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