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The Finish Line Vogue 1084

March 22, 2010

It’s been over two weeks since I last posted. March was a big submission deadline via our application. So I’ve had to support the users more than normal in addition to the other tasks assigned to me. On the home front, I’ve been out and about more than usual. Not much blog reading, but haven’t missed out of sitting at the sewing machine. As far as blogging about it, I’m about five posts behind. Ms. PB’s dinner dress is done! And in between the fittings and sewing of it, I managed to meet/shop with a few more clients, make two pair of pants and a skirt for me.

And oh yeah! On March 6th the Haute Couture club met (other post). We learned about silk and silk painting. The club is sponsoring a fashion show April 18th. Several ladies showed off their entries for the Challenge: “It Is All About The Shoes”. Each contestants creates an outfit centered around a “interesting” pair of shoes. And loads of other exciting updates about the going ons of the club. Fun! Fun! Later…,

Back to Vogue 1084. This dress will be showcased on March 28th. I’ll only give a few details today, but will post event photos and full review later. There were multiple changes in the design of the dress. Most mentioned in an earlier post. Since then, we’ve had two additional fittings, both last week.

Design changes –

– sleeves were changed to above the elbow and fitted
– hem sleeves just by turning under two inches and handstitching the hem in place.
– made an additional tie out of the contrasting fabric (back skirt)
– made three belts 3 inch wide (heavy interface), two 2 inch wide belt to tie at waist. (Just in case)

Fitting changes –

– taken in at sides, requiring removal of the zipper, bodice through hip area
– taken in at upper back (center and shoulder sections)
– making adjustment in back facing (ripping out inital facing, resizing a new one)
– increase the wideth and length of the back darts to address sway back

This was good experience for me. I love sewing silk dupioni. It handles well, easy to press, and is beautiful. Normally I underline it, but this time I didn’t fear that it would affect the drape of the dress.

The pattern was average, I think. Some may feel the joining of the side bodice would be a little challenging, especially since it is very visual and there are two. It may be difficult to get the same finish in both.

Below are a few photos from the process of joining the side front to the front bodice and sleeve:

In closing, now I need to finish my outfit for the event. My fabric and shoes.
Happy Sewing!

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