Need an Opinion on a Future Sewing Project

March 13, 2010
Hi everyone –

I’m looking at my piles of fabric and patterns and deciding what to work on next, now that my step-daughter’s hockey season is over and I have my weekends back!.

I’m planning on using the bodice of the dress pattern below to make a blouse with a peplum, but I can’t decide whether to make a straight skirt or a flared skirt to go with it… I’d love to hear some opinions!  My quandary is that I am short (5’3″) and weigh about 155 lbs; I want something that won’t make me look shorter and wider than I am.  LOL  😉  I’m also trying to figure out the right skirt length – above the knee, or below?  What do you think?  What are your experiences with such design decisions?

As I said, I’m going to make a puffy-sleeved, peter pan collared, peplum blouse based on the bodice of this dress. (Like the floral version in the pattern illustration.) This fabric reminds me of a blouse this visiting French girl wore, back in 6th grade. I think of this as “the French blouse.”  I’m not going to do a very big or full peplum. Basically I’ll take the top part of the pattern for the skirt, shorten it, and round the front facings a little to create a slight split in the front. I’ll have to do a muslin or 2 to decide how full and how long to make it. I’m also trying to decide about whether to do a small ruffle or some eyelet lace on the collar, but I don’t want it to be too overwhelming, or too little-girlish.. The collar will be in the floral fabric rather than in a cream or white.

And here’s the skirt to go with “the French blouse”… (shown with the lining fabric on the right, dress fabric on the left) I’m not sure if I want to do the straight version or the flared deep pink version… what do you think?  The flared skirt is softer, but the straight skirt might be more slimming?  Just above the knee or just below? What do you think would be more flattering with the blouse?

And of course, since I always need an excuse to buy more shoes, I’m thinking either cream or deep pink espadrilles to complete the French look… With ankle straps and preferably peep toes… Think the character of  “Fanny Chenal” in the movie “A Good Year,” and you’ll get what I’m thinking of.

Thanks for any and all feedback! On my blog, I just posted part 1 of the list of sewing projects that are waiting for me… some vintage, some vintage-inspired. I would love to hear any thoughts on the rest of them as well!  Thanks!

  1. Re: skirt length, at the knee or just below should be very flattering.

    Personally I'm not really feeling any of the skirt options, I would either base it off the skirt from the first dress pattern or do a straight skirt.

  2. If you are afraid of looking shorter and wider stay away from a full skirt with a peplum top. Go for a straight skirt. I agree with Reilly about the length too.

  3. Thanks, ladies! That's what I was thinking as well. Still can't decide about trim around the collar of the blouse. I guess I'll play with that on the muslin.

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