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Nap or No-Nap. That is the question.

March 17, 2010

Starting a new pattern today.

I have been procrastinating for days due to fear that I don’t know how to do this. The fabric is an adorable vintage fabric I picked up on E-bay. I am unsure if it should be cut as with nap, or without. Most of the parasols appear to be going one way. Could you help me? There seem to be more red parasols going in one direction. How would you treat this fabric? Nap/No-Nap?

I just took the pattern pieces out of the envelope. They were still factory folded. It seemed as though I was doing something very special as I unfolded them, like they heaved a huge sigh of relief after being folded and stored for over 50 years. “Ahhhh, someone is going to do something with us. It was worth the wait
Oh dear goodness. I almost spoke too soon. My kitty came in while I was photographing the pattern and sat down on the tissue. I was shooing her off and my two Shih Tzu’s were wondering what the commotion was all about and came tearing into the room and running all over the tissue pieces. Thank goodness they were not torn, I would have been heartbroken thinking they had survived all these years only to be unfolded and torn to pieces by some dogs. Now my little guy is trying to make a bed out of the fabric. Aha moment. Small dogs and cats do not go along with vintage sewing. I will have to keep the door closed.

  1. That fabric is FABULOUS! Reminds me of Mary Poppins. Now I'll have Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in my head all day!

    I had a cat who would take a run and jump on the tissue that was on the floor in order to skid to the other side of the room. Smacked into the wall every time but continued the game until banished from the room. Entertaining but seriously hurt my productivity!

    Have fun with this project!

  2. If you can, do a "with nap" cut. The pattern definitely has a nap. You decide which way is the top with this fabric.

  3. If you notice it, you should definitely do a with nap layout, or it will make you crazy when you wear it. Cute fabric!!

  4. Thanks everyone. I have begun cutting, with nap. I had forgotten if I had bought enough material to cut with nap, looked back at my receipt and did get enough so am moving forward.

  5. I would go with what stands out. From the picture, the red parasols really stood out for me moreso than the green. So I'd go with aiming them up…but you're the one that has too look at it. So go with what jumps out at you most. It's really cute fabric!

  6. Yes, the fabric has a "nap" in that it has a distinct direction. Either up or down is fine–the parasols point both ways–and I would treat cutting this as if I were cutting striped fabric. Except I wouldn't worry about the pattern matching at the seams.

    You could have some fun with cutting this on the bias if you had enough fabric and were so inclined.

  7. Hey! I bid on that fabric, too — you beat me! Can't wait to see what you do with it, it's so much fun! (And I have PLENTY of other fabric to sew up here…)

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