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My new favorite dress!

March 7, 2010

So, I’ve wanted a strapless sarong dress pattern for so long, but vintage ones seem to be really hard to find…when they do pop up on ebay or another site, they go for a ridiculous amount of money. Thankfully, EvaDress recently introduced this vintage reproduction. I was so excited, I got it right away! I had the perfect fabric already…a vintage light cotton made in Hawaii! Here’s the result:

Unfortunately, my old camera and the fabric make the details of the sarong aspect of the dress hard to distinguish.

The stole is removable, so it can also be worn as a simpler strapless dress. I love this pattern so much, I already have 2 other versions in the works! Now if only the weather would warm up…

  1. Very beautiful dress and love the shoulder art! Hope you show us your pics of the next two dresses you make with this pattern.

  2. At last a tattoo that looks good with clothing! I think you will always have to go strapless in in dresses that compliment that beautiful art.

  3. Oh the anguish of finding an ebay sarong dress pattern, that ultimately goes for <%60 you so called that! I love your version and I think I'm gonna have to try that pattern. Thanks for sharing yout photos and I also agree with all of the comments about your stunning tatto.

  4. Yay! I was especially excited about posting this dress because I knew I was not the only one on the eternal quest for an affordable sarong dress pattern. 🙂 It's a good pattern too…you can easily alter the bodice to change the look a bit and there's also a halter variation with it. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I currently do!

  5. I was reading through a feed and saw that you had been interested in the McCall’s pattern 4425. I have four of them. All original, uncut, and color printed jacket. My aunt purchased these at an estate sale long ago. when she found out that I was sewing she gave them to me as a present at Thanksgiving. (very sweet). I would like to know how much they were charging that turned you away? I’ve seen prices for 75.00 up to 230.00 I do not understand the differences in the prices. Like wow, big jump! right now I have mine listed on etsy for 75.00, but I am trying to find out more history about this and why such a big difference.

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