1. What a lovely blouse! You are such a skilled seamstress! Love all the pictures of things you make and patterns. You are giving me all kinds of inspiration to want to learn to sew! LOL!

  2. Cute pattern & love the piping & bow accent. I've sewn a few blouses from vintage patterns and found they look a little odd if you're not a fan of tucking them in. My solution is to put an invisible zipper in the side (bottom to top) which allows the blouse to be a little more fitted around the waistline and you can still get in it. If it buttons down the back you can do away with them althogether, much less work involved.

  3. I agree that you just need some more waist shaping. I would add some horizontal darts or dart tucks at the waist. I like dart tucks cause they shape the waist while also adding fullness to the bust.

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