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Intro and McCall’s 5357

March 24, 2010

Longtime lurker who has received so much inspiration from everyone here.  I am Rita and have not been sewing all that long but really only sew with vintage patterns.  My most recent project has been completing views A and B of McCall’s 5357.
It took a while, but….wooohoo…I finally finished and thought I would share the finished looks.  View A in a soft but sturdy cotton plaid; View B in silk taffeta.  My poor dressforms just don’t have the attitude of that pattern envelope.  

You can read more about my adventures with this project on my blog; especially how the pattern envelope lies!!  

  1. They both look lovely. I have a similar problem with fitting the old patterns to my size. I am one size on top and another size on the bottom. It can be frustrating, especially for me who is new to sewing…but carry on…I will!

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